Wombat Hospital


Through the initial generous fundraising support of Australian Geographic, the hard work of Sophie Brenton and the generous contribution of of our volunteer vet Robin Crisman we now have a specialised wombat treatment facility equipped to treat the very ill and injured wombats, and occasionally any other wildlife in need.


X-Ray Machine

We’d also like to thank Wombat Crossing Vineyards and Ian Napier for providing a microscope as well as contributing along with Around Hermitage Association for a portable generator. And a big thank you to Ian and the members of Wombat Field and Wine Club for helping us to purchase an portable anaesthetic machine. A huge thank you again to Sophie Brenton for organising the raffle, acquiring the site shed and getting it completely outfitted and climate controlled to be used as our new hospital once we outgrew the caravan we started with.

Through borrowed funds we acquired an x-ray machine – and now have digital radiograph capabilities that speed up the diagnosing process which in turn reduces the stress on the injured wombats. Any contribution toward this much needed equipment and the ongoing hospital supplies would be highly appreciated, here through our donations page.

Thanks to your donations so far, we have Australia’s ONLY specialty Wombat Hospital We often host Vets and Vet nurses for training sessions on wombats as not a lot is taught about wombats and the care they require.

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