Success story: Yogi

Yogi was brought into care after he lost his mum from a car accident.

He was in her pouch and injured as well.  Yogi wasn’t doing well with his first carer.  He wouldn’t take a bottle, was constantly fighting being handled and seemed stressed.  It was thought that trauma to his mouth which broke off his two upper front teeth was the cause.  He was transferred to Roz to see if she could bring him around.  It was discovered that not only did he have broken teeth, he had 3 broken legs.  The main lower arm bone in one front leg, both small lower leg bones in his back legs and the upper part of his thigh bone at his hip as well.  The back legs were starting to heal but his front leg was very unstable and painful so it was set and splinted.  He had to be syringe fed and would drink well that way because it was too painful for him to suck like a normal bub would.

Many months of care and attention and he’s growing into a strapping young male and his therapy continues.  His bones are all healed and his teeth are regrowing.  His lower incisors had to be filed recently to allow them to meet the upper ones as they grow out but he is doing great!