Success story: Lulu

polaroid_luluKev was driving very early one morning after a week of torrential rains and flooding. He saw something on the edge of the road and realised it was a very small wombat all alone.

He stopped and called and little Lulu, a totally wild 3kg wombat joey, ran right up to him and allowed him to pick her up. She was thin and has a large scab and cuts all down her back. She was soaked and shivering. She curled up in his arms and went to sleep.

A complete exam showed her entire back was a very thick raw scab and deeper wounds along the edge and on her legs. Weeks of antibiotics and topical treatments as well as treating for early signs of mange, Lulu has recovered and other than a few thick scars, is totally normal now.

She will be ready for release sometime next year when she has reached her ideal size and weight.