Success story: LI’L DUDE

polaroid_lildudeLil’ Dude was picked up by a member of the public after his mum was killed by a car.  They kept him for a week, fed him straw and became concerned when he wasn’t doing well. They finally called a wildlife group when he wouldn’t move much at all.

He was extremely dehydrated, emaciated and had mange. He was so thirsty and hungry from being fed straw that he wouldn’t stop drinking, actually overhydrating himself in the process.   Lil’ Dude was so lethargic and non-responsive other than drinking water that Roz thought for sure she would lose him.

He was slowly started on milk and proper food and after weeks of intensive treatment, he is steadily gaining weight.  His skin is finally no longer red and the hair is starting to grow back.  He still has long recovery ahead of him and will have to be watched closely to make sure he doesn’t develop problems in the future.