Success story: KYOLA

polaroid_kyolaA local property owner observed “Kyola” wandering around for several days by herself.

At 3kg, she should have still been with her mum.  Kyola was lost and alone and there was no sign of her mother.  Exhausted, dehydrated, emaciated with the pads on her feet worn mostly away from walking in search for her mum, she was showing signs of mange and very close to dying.

Roz immediately went to her rescue and the slow process of her recovery began.  She began by rehydrating her and treating her feet, cleaning them and giving antibiotics. Once she seemed more stable, the mange treatment began, giving her ivermectin injections weekly.  It took several days before she would drink from the bottle well but she would eat a little grass and that appeared to be a good sign.  Kyolas feet began to heal but one ulcerated sore on her front foot wouldn’t resolve and swelling around the outside knuckle was very painful.  X-rays showed an infection in the joint.  A culture was done and she was started on the antibiotic that the bacteria was sensitive to.  The swelling began to resolve, the joint became more normal  and she was a much happier wombat.

Over many weeks, she gained weight, grew her hair back and was then put in a large pen with a similar sized wombat “Manuka”.  They grew steadily together and were recently released.