Success story: Crash

polaroid_crashCrash was another victim of a car.

She was 18kg, barely moving, blood from her mouth and nose and having trouble walking when she moved at all.  Her mouth was cold and she showed little interest in anything. She would not eat or drink and it was uncertain if she would even survive the night.

After she was given pain relief and a mild sedative, Roz discovered that her front teeth were broken and she had bruising and bleeding all around her mouth.   She was also painful over her pelvis.  After being stablized overnight and given fluids and antibiotics, a full exam under anaesthesia the next day showed that all of the soft tissue over her hard palate was ripped from the bone and dirt and gravel was packed in, the defect.  Her top incisors were broken at the gum line and xrays showed two fractures in her pelvis.  Her mouth was flushed and the tissue sutured back in place and the edges of her teeth filed even .  Because of the injuries to her mouth, she was unable to eat hard food or grass.  Roz made a slurry  and bottle fed Crash for weeks until her mouth healed and she was pain free.

Her pelvis finally healed and she released herself from her rehab pen when she decided it was time to go.