Success story: Al

polaroid_alObviously very ill from mange, people kept reporting seeing Al near a fairly busy road.

Roz and Kev kept trying to find him but he never seemed to be there.  Finally a good samaritan who had alerted Roz to wombats in trouble before was fortunate enough to drive by while he was out and he was so weak she was able to catch him.  She took him straight to Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue.  His condition was poor, his ears so crusted and raw they curled, his eyes so red they appeared to have been burned and his body so full of scabs, he could barely move.  Roz thought he wouldn’t last the night.  She was able to get fluids into him and a little slurry of food.  He had an ulcer that was deep enough below his nose it went almost all the way through his skin.  He was emaciated, no more than a rack of bones.  Roz gave him antibiotics and nursed him around the clock and still for days she thought he wouldn’t make it.

He very slowly regained his strength, his scabs began to come away and his wounds healed.  It took many weeks of constant attention and treatment for mange but he finally came around.  To look at him now, only a few months later, you couldn’t tell how close he was to not making it and he keeps getting better every day.