Interesting Case: Sam

polaroid_samIf wombats are fed foods that cause too much heat to be generated, their coat may start to look like “Sam’s”.

Horse or cattle feeds that contain a lot of molasses or barley may cause a very poor hair coat. While at first glance it might be mistaken for mange, upon closer inspection, you can see that it is very different. There are no scabs or scaling, it’s not itchy and the skin is not red. His head is not affected nor is his topline.

Once he was put on an appropriate diet, his coat regrew and now he has a beautiful, sleek coat. Wombats should be fed a diet that most closely resembles what they would get in the wild which is primarily of grasses, bark, roots and tubers. As joeys, they require special milk as well or they can develop a myriad of health issues.