Success story: LUCKY


Lucky was found on the side of the road in a drain in the pouring rain after she and her mum were hit by a car.

Her mum was dead and it appeared as if Lucky had been lying there for a long time.  She was 12kg and would have still been following mum at foot.  Blood covering her nose, minimally responsive from a severe concussion, bruised lungs, pelvic fractures and cuts and scrapes, she was given little chance to live.

But Roz would not give up.  She gave her fluids, cleaned her wounds, gave her pain medication and antibiotics.  She was too weak to eat so her grass and grain was put in a blender along with wombat milk and made into a shake that could be syringed into her.  It took 2 weeks of hand feeding around the clock but she finally came around and began slowly eating on her own.  Her lungs healed and she was walking with only a slight limp but had a wound on one hip that wouldn’t heal.  X-rays showed that she had part of her pelvic bone that was broken off and not healing properly.  She had a bone infection as a result of the accident and she underwent two surgeries to remove the affected bone and clean up the surrounding tissue.

Many months and courses of antibiotics, she was finally healed and ready to go into a large pen outside.  During the entire treatment process, Lucky allowed herself to be medicated and treated, never acting aggressive or frightened.  When she was well and approaching her release weight, she let us know we had done our job and she didn’t need us any longer.  It was time for her to go back to being a wild wombat!  She still occasionally comes back and the scar on her hip makes her easy to identify.  She turned out to be a very large, lovely wombat that will go on to have bubs of her own.