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Everyday we have our hands very full at Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue Inc, & Hospital!



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Can the Lawyer that contacted us about the illegal Rave party's please contact us again sorry I lost your details and sorry for putting this up but i can't find your details u had the best info that I need thanks .
Also The rain isn't bad as yet thanks for everyone who asked !..I'll be in an out all day with meetings and work so I can't always get phone service sorry for any inconvenience
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We get asked about George a lot so here is a video I just did ,we don't go near him much now and he only gets fed Grass his being very wild now so we are happy !!.
We are getting ready for very heavy rain which means we may be flooded in and we need to get ready to make sure burrows don't flood so we will be busy for a few days --Roz.
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Can I please remind people I don't always do this page because I'm so busy saving wombats and working !! and kaz and soph help me out with this page and other pages on social media when they can ..
All bank details are on our website please check that first before attacking kaz who I may add helps me out a lot while I work and look after sick kids ! If anyone is nasty on this page to any of my friends who have been so nice helping me out u will be blocked also please remember kids also are on my page thank u -- Roz
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Thanks Wyatt for making this for us !it's for people who think they are pets !and also to bring much needed funds in to the hospital !!--kaz.
Newcastle Permanent - CCWR InC
BSB -650 300 Ac-982238105
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Just wish to say a big thank u to Paula & Darrin for their donation of tunnel beds yesterday day was great to meet you both as well xxxx ... See MoreSee Less

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